Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why being Married is Awe-some.

Being married is awesome, more so when you have an awesome husband like mine. Let's just say his momma raised him right.  So here's the story of "Girls Night" saturday. The short{ish} version for now.

We had this whole girls night planned out, 7 of us were going out to celebrate Tessa's birthday and Megan's recent engagement. At around 6:30 when people were going to start arriving at my house within the hour I recieve a phone call from Molly. She had just been in a car accident and totalled her car with Megan. Everyone was ok no injuries thank God, but they were now stranded without a car. So Tony offers to go pick them up and bring them back here. Then I get another phone call from Tessa who Molly was on her way to pick up, she is now stranded too. Hopefully you're following, Molly was on her way to pick tessa up from a hair appointment when she got in the accident. So now we have 3 stranded girls. Tony goes and picks Molly and Megan up from the car accident calls them a tow truck gets everything worked out for them. Takes them back to Molly's house so they can get ready for our night out and then brings them back to our house. Then he goes to pick Tessa up who is stranded at her hairdressers house and brings her back to our house too. {I've pretty much chugged a whole bottle of wine at this point} Finally everyone is together and in one piece. So Tony and Liz's fiance Dave proceed to drive 8 girls downtown, and then pick us all up 3 hours later. To top it all off he serves breakfast to us the next morning and says "I had fun with you last night."  Funny thing... I think he actually meant it. Basically he's awesome. A+ in the husband category.

I'll post later about the rest of the night possibly some photographic evidence of the evening. ;-)


  1. His mama sure did raise him right! Tony is a fabulous guy. No doubt! :)